5 Steps to Flirting With Women

firting with multiple womenMost men can be quite terrible when it comes to flirting skills. They are easily fooled into mistaking lustful signs for real attraction. Learning to flirt is the secret to meeting, attracting and dating women that are more beautiful.

However, flirting techniques can only be useful if practiced in the rightful way. Below is a description of five steps necessary to create fun and flirtatious vibes that excite women.

1. Get playful

Think of flirting as a game and allow women to figure you out as a playful guy. Most women hate spending their time with nervous and boring guys. Women are easily convinced to put their guard down and open up more as soon as they realize they are dealing with a fun guy. Avoid making the game too easy lest she gets bored and disinterested in your moves.

For instance, you could say to her “you are totally awesome just like my little sister”. The first part of your statement makes the woman feel your interest in her. However, the second part throws her into a loop that keeps her guessing and making uncertain assumptions.

You can also get playful by asking open-ended questions that keep the conversation flowing. Be smooth and suave since she does not yet have a real picture of who you are.

2. Tease her

Always look for an opportunity to joke about her statements or actions. At times, this may sound mean or cruel but it is a super way to ‘bust her balls’ over her silly actions.

Popular ways to tease her verbally include giving her a silly nickname, pointing out nerdy or embarrassing things about her, mocking or mimicking her and accusing her of being sexually aggressive or hitting on you. Be careful and strategize your teases not to offend her.


flirting with a woman up close3. Use physical teases

Verbal teases should be followed by physical actions. Most physical teases are meant to sound childish but can be beneficial. At times, you may have to do to her some of the things you did on the playground back in fourth grade.

Popular ways to tease her include sticking out your tongue at her, making exaggerated expressions whenever she is talking and pulling your hand away whenever she is giving you a handshake or a high five.

4. Keep her guessing

Women love being in suspense about your feelings towards them. Hinting your feelings to her too quickly will definitely kill the sexual tension that was developing between you. Do not let her realize her possible role in your life too quickly.

5. Escalate the flirtation

Take the conversation to a more real and sexual level once you have established yourself as a fun and flirty guy. If not careful, you are likely to turn into one of those funny and flirty friends she meets with regularly. Let her visualize you more as a guy she is likely to get intimate with rather than pass time. Becoming more physical is the easiest way to achieve this. This involves things like holding eye contact with her long enough, getting closer to her and holding her hand in a more sensual manner.

With the above steps, any man should find it easier gaining the attention of a woman and flirt with her successfully.