Starting a Conversation to Make Her Your Girlfriend

Starting a conversation with a girl you like is pretty straightforward, right? Wrong! If you’ve ever done it before, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Dry mouth? Check. Sweaty palms? Check. Racing heart? Check!

Talking to a girl that you want to make your girlfriend can be tough and an intimidating concept – something that a lot of guys worry about. Speaking from experience, I TOO have felt nervous approaching a potential girlfriend in the past – even if I knew that they LIKED me. I felt so intimidated I would ignore them or leave the party or bar. Sounds ridiculous, right?

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For me, I soon found out though that the hardest part about talking to a girl is knowing what to say when you start the conversation. Once you break the ice, it’s all pretty simple from there. Here are a few tips I’ve picked along the way to ensure that conversation with the girl of your dreams runs smoothly and flows with ease.

+ Strike up a conversation straight away. Instead of making small talk like asking her what she thinks about the weather or what’s on television, find an INTERESTING topic of conversation. This can be anything you like, but make sure it’s something you feel confident talking about and feel passionate about. Remember – stay away from boring and cliched conversation topics.

+ Start flirting with her from the offset. It’s important that you maintain eye contact and smile when talking with her as it will take you out of the “friend zone”. Hopefully she will see you as a potential “lover” rather than a friend.

+ Think of a great ice-breaker. Chat-up lines are so cliched and outdated so try and think of a way that you can approach a girl that you like when out in a club or bar. Think of something interesting that will make her laugh and want to talk to you.

Once you have overcome your nerves and plucked up the courage to speak to the girl of your dreams, conversation should come much easier to you. But if it doesn’t here are three important things to remember.

1. Always express your opinions with conviction and passion during the conversation. Girls like guys with confident, so make sure you know what you are talking about and speak passionately about it.

2. Try not to go overboard when it comes to complimenting her. After all, you don’t want to appear like you are coming on too strong or desperate. Rather than complimenting her on how she is dressed or looks, try something different. You might want to tell her that she has a great sense of style, or a good sense of humor. Try and make it as heartfelt as you can.

3. Tease her about certain things to make the conversation more interesting, and to make things feel more relaxed between the pair of you. If your partner returns a compliment, don’t question it – just accept it for what it is.

These tips can come in handy when striking up a conversation with your prospective girlfriend. The key here is to remain confident, and be passionate and engaging when talking to your partner.